He was young, tough and in his prime but Snitty never expected he could overcome the odds to become the first Cassowary in space.

This begins the story of one endangered bird on one incredible journey……….

In 2014 this dear little, well not so little bird, lovingly known as Snitty, set out to raise awareness about the ever dwindling numbers of his kin. He was young and foolish enough to think he could do it alone until he found a man, a passionate man with gumption and dedication let’s call him the ‘Cassowary Man’. Together Snitty and Cassowary Man jumped on the band wagon (yes Snitty plays the drums) and rustled feathers, calling on politicians and conservationists alike to put this majestic bird on the priority threatened species list. People started to listen, they called into radio stations and sent in pictures but it wasn’t enough Cassowary Man and Snitty needed the world to know.

Well they took that quite literally to mean the hole globe needed to see Snitty and boy did they make that happen after months or preparations, sleepless nights and endless flight training. Snitty was ready, ready to take on the world! With Cassowary Man by his side he dawned his motivational jacket and prepared for lift off…. 5…4…3…2…1… well that was one small step for man and one giant leap for Snitty.

With Cassowary Man by his side it was time for something new something exciting, something huge… and thus started World Cassowary Day (WCD). A day of celebration and education, when all and not only the Cassowaries but all endangered FNQ friends come together to acknowledge the incredible work that is being done, to raise some money and educate each other on what more can be done.

It was a huge success and led to great things for young Snitty. Hype ensued like a tornado with a year of many autographs and interviews, our delinquent young Snitty decided it was time to ride this press train right out of town. So he set out to meet our dearest Queen Elizabeth. It was a flight not designed for a Cassowary but 48hrs later he made it, he was now a British bird. Snitty spent 10 months travelling Europe, England, Scotland, Amsterdam he saw it all spreading joy and curious looks as he educated the masses of his kind.

Of course this hiatus was short lived as Snitty returned once again for World Cassowary Day 2015.


But enough is never enough for dear young Snitty he soon met Dr Thomas Bauer an incredible man who agreed to let Snitty travel on his next expedition to Antartica. (But boy is a boat no place for a giant horned flightless bird, lets just say it truly did become a poop deck)

Snitty bonded with his flightless cousins and there once shared land, although Snitty’s memory isn’t that good he’s sure they are definitely related. As for that over sized puppy on the beach he’s not to sure.

After another long journey and one failed attempt to smuggle one of his cousins home Snitty arrived back in Australia full of wonder and aww for what will Snitty accomplish next…

Snitty (Sir Snittsalot) – Created by First Dog On The Moon

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